Rainhouse Cinema is Sam Price-Waldman, Chris Cresci, and Ben Mullinkosson. As directors, we work exclusively in the nonfiction space. Individually, we have made a diverse array of nonfiction content for both festival and commercial audiences. We have had a hand in 10+ Vimeo staff picks, won numerous awards, and screened films on a variety of platforms including PBS, Tribeca, AFI Docs, and New York Times Op-Docs. But it’s working together that led us to form Rainhouse Cinema in 2011.


At Rainhouse, we believe that authenticity isn’t created, it’s achieved. As a filmmaking team, we create focused, character-driven, and meaningful documentaries about the world we live in. We focus on vérité filmmaking. We like to get to know our subjects. We strive for compassion and understanding and emotional truth, and most importantly, we love what we do.



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