Rainhouse Cinema is a documentary production company that makes films based around people and the environment.

At Rainhouse, we believe in the power of storytelling to create real change in the world. As a filmmaking team, we have been working together for years to create focused, character-driven, and meaningful documentaries about the world we live in.

We bring professionalism and creativity to every job, and have seen our films screened on PBS stations, Outside Television, and top film festivals around the world.

We enjoy a good challenge. We aren't afraid to travel. We live on the cutting edge of technology, and we love to try new things.




Chris Cresci is a northwest-raised, craft-brew-swilling conquistador with a penchant for fast glass and a love of wild places. He is currently freelance shooting and editing in Portland, OR and is eternally stoked.



Ben Mullinkosson is a timelapse-slapping, cake-baking moustache-man who lives for dutch camera angles. He recently spent 18 months in Chengdu, China producing & shooting the film What I Hate About Myself.


Sam Price-Waldman is a rain-running coffee-jumping travel-tiger with a love for slow motion shooting. He has shot films in Ghana, Ethiopia, Fiji, Germany, and enjoys keeping on his toes. Sam formerly was a producer for The Atlantic.

Rainhouse Cinema is an equal collaboration -- we work together to produce, shoot, and edit our films. We hire the best to do the rest, and we love working with new people. We hope you'll join us!