Osama and Ayman's 4th of July

Director Ben Mullinkosson's latest mini-doc, a 2016 Mountainfilm Commitment Grant winner, is now online! We're not sure how he found time to make this in the midst of directing his feature film, but we're glad he did.

"To be honest I feel bad for those who don’t have the Muslim card, because everyone is going to want to have one after I rock it.”

Mile for Mile

In December, Chris traveled to Southern Chile as the director of photography on the film Mile for Mile for Patagonia Inc. The film follows 3 ultra-marathon runners on their 106 mile traverse of the Future Patagonia National Park.

Our Canyon Lands

Chris has been a collaborating with Director Justin Clifton and The Grand Canyon Trust on a multimedia campaign called Our Canyon LandsThe project advocates for the protection of public lands surrounding Canyonlands National Park, which are currently open to industrial development.

The trailer was recently released and featured on the National Geographic Adventure Blog. The 30 minute film will premiere in September with various shorts launching throughout the year.

In Their Own Words

From our recent collaboration with The Home Depot Foundation, we are happy to share our latest short, In Their Own Words. The Home Depot Foundation works with veterans to build and maintain safe homes for their families. This video features two of the military families that were assisted by the Foundation last year.

Produced and shot by Rainhouse Cinema, edited by Charlie Uniform Tango.

Home Depot Foundation x Rainhouse

Earlier this year, Rainhouse was approached by The Home Depot and The Richards Group to make a short promotional documentary for its non profit, The Home Depot Foundation. The organization seeks out Veterans around the country and donates millions of hours, tools and supplies to community service projects. From building wheelchair ramps for disabled vets to refurbishing a wounded warrior’s home, their associates work with local nonprofits to improve the homes and lives of thousands of deserving families.

We collaborated with the foundation to create a short documentary highlighting how they have changed the lives of 4 veterans and their families. 

With the help of honorary Rainhousers Greg Balkin, Cody Peterson, and Elliott Balsley, we filmed with four veterans and their families over 3 days in Arizona and California.

Film finished!

After a many months of long nights editing in a cave, What I Hate About Myself is finally finished! The film is a verite portrait of an 18 year old Chinese girl who competes for free cosmetic surgery in a televised competition, in an effort to look more "Western." The film was shot over 18 months and cut together in recent months by Ben Mullinkosson and Bobby Moser. Look for the film coming soon to film festivals.

Sam in Ethiopia

Rainhouser Sam Price-Waldman recently returned from Ethiopia, where he was shooting for 2 weeks as cinematographer on a documentary about the current transformation of the Ethiopian agriculture system. Sam just finished writing an in-depth camera review of his experiences using the Sony FS700 in a documentary setting -- check it out here.

Work with Rios Libres

Chris is currently doing some work for Flagstaff-based RIOS LIBRES, whose mission is to create and distribute media to spread awareness of the current environmental crisis in Chilean Patagonia. He is finishing up 4 short films about the issue to be released every monday in June. The films will be released and distributed on Patagonia's The Cleanest Line Blog, National Geographic Adventure, NRDC, and International Rivers websites, as well as a host of other blogs and sponsor sites. Stay Tuned!